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New Ghost Stories and Other Folktales

Ghost Stories

The Phantom Train Wreck
The passengers were grumpy and heavy-eyed as they boarded the train in Salisbury during the early morning of August 27, 1891. The train was headed to Ashville, and the riders settled into their seats and tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Around three a.m., the passengers were suddenly awakened by suddenly bucking and rocking of the train...

The Dungarvon Whooper
It was a cold winter and the snow was deep in the woods surrounding the logging camp near the Dungarvon River. But there was plenty of game to be found if you were a good hunter, so the men didn't go hungry. The camp cook was a jolly fellow, and quite rich for a logger. He kept his life savings in a money belt that he wore at all times. Now an Irish lumberjack named Ryan coveted the cook's money and concocted a plan to get it.

The Trapper's Ghost
There once was a trapper who roamed the wilds of Labrador on a sleigh pulled by eight pure white Huskies. He was a tall man, dressed in layer upon layer of animal skins, who drove his team with a terrible ferocity across the frozen tundra. (Labrador)

More New Folktales

Railroad Stories
The nation's railroads were the first truly efficient means of moving across the vast American spacies. The adventure, effort, and enterprise required to build the railroads and the colorful characters associated with operating the railroads has inspired folktales, folk songs, and many, many railroad stories, some of which are listed below.

How Selfishness was Rewarded
A young girl refuses to share food with her starving family in this Tlingit myth from Alaska.


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