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Brer Rabbit Stories

Brer (Brother) Rabbit is a trickster character in the folktales of African, African-American, and Native American cultures. Brer Rabbit often matches his wits against the wily Brer Fox, whom he always bests. Several Brer Rabbit stories are listed below! Enjoy.

Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby
Mr. Rabbit is fooled by a Tar Baby.

Brer Rabbit Falls in Love
Spring is in the air, and Mr. Rabbit falls in love!

Brer Rabbit and the Mosquitos
What is Mr. Rabbit going to do about all them pesky mosquitos?

Brer Rabbit and the Riding Horse
Mr. Rabbit seeks revenge against Mr. Fox!

Miss Cow and Brer Rabbit
Miss Cow falls victim to Brer Rabbit.

Brer Rabbit the Fisherman
Brer Rabbit climbs into a bucket and falls into the river.

Brer Rabbit and Brer Coon
Mr. Rabbit has to share his title of "best fisherman" with Mr. Coon.


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