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Pennsylvania Dutch Proverbs and sayings

I am amazed by the number of proverbs and sayings that are produced by cultures over time. My grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch and her house was covered with plaques of the German-English sayings she (and later I) grew up with. Below are the "best of the best" sayings I heard or read as a child.
Throw the cow over the fence some hay.
A big wife and a big barn never did any man harm.
We get too soon old and too late smart.
Outen The Lights.
Children and fools tell the truth.
Kissing wears out, cooking don't.
Short hair is quickly brushed.
An industrious wife is the best savings account.
It wonders me.
Throw Amos down the stairs his hat.
Eat yourself full.

More Pennsylvania Dutch Proverbs are available at: Pennsylvania Dutch History, Genealogy, and Culture and The Pennsylvania Dutch


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