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Ghosts and Spooks: A couple of NY haunted houses

New York state seems to abound in haunted houses, some of them abandoned, some still standing. Today's stories are about houses that no longer exist. Considering the nature of the second ghost, I am rather glad his house is gone.

Just outside Spiegletown, New York near Albany an old couple took in some New England travelers needing a place to stay for the night. Much to the traveler's surprise, the next day they found out their host and hostess were long dead and the house where they had slept had burned to the ground long ago. The story is retold in "The Fifty-cent Piece" by S.E. Schlosser.

Another ghost in an old house in Poughkeepsie scared the wits out of all the local residents. Seems that the ghost would manifest itself one part at a time. Nobody ever stuck around long enough to see what he looked like when he was all put together! You can read his story in Piece by Piece, retold by S.E. Schlosser.


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