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French-Canadian Folklore

A friend of mine who is a French-English translator introduced me to French Canadian folklore a few years back. Here are a few of my favorite tales.

The Flying Canoe -- Baptiste pursuades some of his fellow lumberjacks to fly home to visit their sweethearts on New Years Eve.

The Loup Garou -- When Great-grandfather falls ill, Grandfather sets out for the doctor, only to find his way blocked by a large man-turned-wolf, a loup garou! (Spooky New England)

The Loup Garou and the Shawl -- When a woman finds out that her husband is turning into a loup-garou (a wolf) each night, he begs her to help save him.

Old Nick -- A horse with super-human strength is sent to a priest to aid him in the building of a new church. The priest is warned never to remove the horse's bridle.

The Loup Garou's Debt -- When a man or woman dies in debt, they are doomed to roam the earth as loup garou (were-wolves) until the person to whom they owe money forgives the debt. But Grandpere was still mad at Henry when he died and absolutely refused to forgive him; until Henry's loup garou paid him a visit one snowy night! (Spooky New York)


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